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The principles of Masonic New-Enlightenment


1. We should organize the world according to what is best for human beings. As Freemasons, we should accept our relatives, and mainly our brethren, as they are, and not try to change them at our convenience.
2. As freemasons, we should enhance our empathy toward each other and others around us. We should pay more attention to our capacity for empathy. This will Enhance Masonic, and even Social Harmony.
3. We, as Freemasons, should adopt Critical thinking, as a normative model for appraising claims to truth. It is a way to self improve and better ourselves.
4. We must accept Criticism, as it is very important for the health of a modern society. As Freemasons, we must accept criticism with love, since it is a very important tool of self improvement and the improvement of other brethren.
5. Freemasonry, as an organization should do the same for the success of Masonic ideas. This is not just for the benefit of freemasons, but for that of others as well.
6. Freemasonry should believe in the importance of Science and Reason for their importance. Yet, even these are not absolute and must be evaluated and scrutinized. This is also the way we should behave amongst our brethren.
7. Humanist Ethics can provide the basis for a new morality.
This is related to Eupraxsophy, i.e., the understanding of good wisdom and conduct drawn from scientific inquiry and philosophical rationality.
8. We, Freemasons should adopt a doctrine of Universal Human Rights. This means that at least every person on the planet enjoys similar rights, and that these should be protected by the world community. These are related to planetary ethics; that is, they are TransCultural in reference.
9. Freemasons should lead the way of Planetary Ethics: our mutual responsibility to protect our planet Earth, to guard against ecological damage and pollution.
10. Freemasons recognize the need to support international laws and a world court to interpret and enforce them. This would transcend National, Racial, Religious, Gender, and Ethnic divisions, and it would encourage the growth of TransNational Democratic institutions.
11. Freemasons should Promote the ideas that would guarantee collective security and peace; ensuring universal education, cultural freedom, and open media of communication; raising the standards of living; and ensuring the prosperity of all parts of the new interdependent Global Society.
12. Besides Science, a Freemason must study and concern himself with Morality and other teachings (such as the 7 liberal arts etc.), in the Masonic Lodges. While working and during the “White Table”, we should lecture and teach.
13. In addition, all Freemasons much participate in courses, lessons lectures etc. outside and inside the Lodges (in Institutions such as that of Study and Research in Freemasonry).
14. Freemasons should encourage the growth of transnational Democratic Institutions, guaranteeing collective security and peace; ensuring universal education, cultural freedom,
15. Freemasons should encourage opening the media of communication, raising the standards of living;
and ensuring the prosperity of all parts of the new interdependent global society. 
16. The New Enlightenment as well as Freemasonry, considers all members of the human family to be
Equal in Dignity and Value.
17. Freemasons are Deist. It is inherent to the Masonic world of ideas. But, as Freemasons, we should be tolerant and accept the believes of others, especially our Brethrens’ faiths, as long as they do not interfere with the Harmony of the Lodges and with Freemasonry at large.
18. The involvement in Politics is important for the sake of a free and democratic society. But Freemasons should not be involved in politics as such. They are able of course to take a place in political activity, as long as they avoid mentioning their being Freemasons or at least declare a full separation between Freemasonry and Politics.
19. The New Enlightenment Freemasons Should participate in providing the important directions for the future of humankind. It is important that Freemasonry will take the lead in pointing the way forward to the new planetary civilization that is emerging.